Freedom Biker Church of Oklahoma, Inc.

Mission Statement


"Seeking to see saved those who are lost"

Our mission statement comes from Luke 19:10.  Our church's purpose is to reach out to the lost in our community and show them that there's hope in the midst of heartache, peace in the midst of pain, and triumph in times of trouble.  There's only one way to Heaven and one person in whom you must place your trust. HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST!

Freedom Biker Church of Oklahoma started in February of 2008 when our Pastor felt God told him to quit the church he was serving in and start a church where bikers felt welcome to come into.  We have tables and chairs and hot coffee!  Our goal was to invite our fellow brothers and sisters who liked to ride to come into a place where they will not be judged and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see their lives changed by the saving power of God's grace.  We started in a small machine shop and now hold services in an old furniture building that has been renovated to make bikers feel more at home.

We have purchased land South of town here in Duncan and believe that in God's perfect timing, we will build His church out there one day.